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“I spent my life folded between the pages of books.
In the absence of human relationships I formed bonds with paper characters. I lived love and loss through stories threaded in history; I experienced adolescence by association. My world is one interwoven web of words, stringing limb to limb, bone to sinew, thoughts and images all together. I am a being comprised of letters, a character created by sentences, a figment of imagination formed through fiction.”
Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pie oh Pie oh PIE

On Friday I had a craving for Lendy's Strawberry Pie that just wouldn't quit.  I found a great recipe for this delectable marvel on - see?  Clicky here for Fresh Strawberry Pie!

Yeah.  Oh man.

Stirring the jello, sugar, and water as it heats on the stove.  Why yes, it is fuschia.

So I made some.  You can follow the recipe at the link; here are some pics of how mine went.

I made Christy's easy-peasy Mix in the Pan piecrust which means now that I've discovered this, I'll never buy another frozen pie crust again.  Sheesh how easy and PERFECT.  \0/\0/\0/
I like to slice my strawberries into pieces about 1/4" thick or so to let the juices out.

The syrup gets redder and eventually turns translucent.
Easy-Peasy Pie Crust!
...and Berries...
... add Syrup Mixture ...
My son isn't a fan of whipped cream, so instead I made a creamy delicious topping that's actually good for you out of yogurt and ricotta cheese (recipe below).
Seriously.  Nothing better!

Okay, now the recipe for my alternate topping, so named because the taste almost reminds me of cheesecake:

Easy-Peasy Not!Cheesecake Topping

1 c plain yogurt, drained
1 c confectioner’s sugar
1 c ricotta cheese
1/4 tsp (dash) cream of tartar

Blend together with a whisk or hand beater until soft peaks form.  Spoon onto cooled pie.  Chill for 2 hours until set.  Also great on chunks of melon, ambrosia, blueberries, or other chilled summer fruit dishes.


Inchwormart said...

Hi, found your blog through a common interest in profile of the movie Firelight. I enjoy browsing blogs on Sunday afternoons. I noticed the Martinsville Daily on your father was born in Martinsville and a lot of his family still live in the area. Do you live in Martinsville? I am in NJ, across the river from Philadelphia. You have a lot of great links on your sidebar I want to click on...I'll hit follow and be back...Happy day to you. Kathy

a bit of earth said...

I love Firelight - Sophie Marceau is one of my favorite actresses! Thanks for your lovely comments. Yes, I am from Martinsville; I grew up there and much of my family is still there so I go back about every other month or so. I blogged about The Ville awhile back and linked to a New Yorker article written about it last year. That post is here if you want to read it:

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I love Southern Plate! I use her recipes ALL the time! :)